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DENSI-PROOF is an integral moisture barrier ( waterproofing ) solution for all concrete applications. DENSI-PROOF forms a permanent gel within the capillaries and voids lasting the life of the structure. Applied as 100% colloidal liquid it penetrates deeply into concretes matrix reacting with the alkali left over after hydration (calcium hydroxide) and the unhydrated or partially hydrated cement particles promoting production predominantly of calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) and 100% colloidal silicate, permanent, complete gel. In effect it makes the concrete structure impermeable giving integrity and longevity.

DENSI-PROOF is also a superior curing method on fresh concrete, virtually eliminating all surface cracking and dusting.
DENSI-PROOF is ideal for new and existing slabs, basements, car parks, coolrooms, sewer or extreme environment and water tanks. It also stops water ingress and protects againstacid chemical attack.
Densi-Proof will help you to Save Time & Money.
Densi-Proof is a one coat application, permanent solution that is sprayed onto the concrete with an airless sprayer. 

Densi-Proof causes minimal site disruption & eliminates expensive downtime. It is suitable for existing concrete or can be used at time of pour as a superior curing method.
Densi-Proof has been tried & tested with outstanding success over the past 25 years. Some projects that share in that success are;
  • Bovis Lend Lease Projects, including: Gold Coast University Hospital & Brisbane Supreme Court, Airport Link Brisbane ...         
  • Titans Stadium Gold Coast ...       
  • Gold Coast Theme Parks ...
  • Horizon Habitats Projects Sydney..MBA Winners!
Densi-Proof reduces the stress caused by call backs to repair damaged membranes, giving you peace of mind.
There is never a need to worry again about protecting inferior membranes, as Densi-Proof penetrates up to 200mm into the substrate and is not a topical membrane that can be compromised.

Penetrates to extraordinary depths permanently.
Waterproofs and improves new or old concrete.
  • Purges out years of contamination and odours from old slabs
  • Early access, trafficable in one hour, minimum disruption
  • Tested to 150ft (45.7m) of Hydrostatic pressure and 300ft (91m) field tests
  • Will accept floor coverings or coatings after 24 hours
  • Protects against urine and chemical ingress.
  • Environmentally safe and user friendly
  • Increases surface abrasion resistance
  • One time permanent application.
  • Forms a permanent colloidal gel
  • Minimizes acid/chemical attack
  • Makes concrete more durable
  • Easy and safe to apply
  • Prevents efflorescence 
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