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Rising damp can occur for numerous reasons in all types of masonary construction but is most common in older buildings where the original Damp Proof Course (DPC) has broken down over time. The old DPC is usually made of slate or a bituminous felt and is sometimes non existent. Most building materials are porous and through capillary action moisture is drawn up past the old DPC through your walls to the living space. The higher temperature on the inside of any lived in building draws moisture more readily to the internal side, bringing with it various forms of salt. Rising damp is also known as salt damp.These salts are 'hygroscopic' or moisture absorbing and need to be addressed even after a new DPC has been installed. These salts are quite aggressive as they move from a soluble to dry state, salt being more responsible for the breakdown of a masonary surface than dampness alone. 
GDL Damp Proofing use the very effective WESTOX chemical injection method. The WESTOX system the preferred method throughout Australia. It is quick, clean and doesn't damage the integrity of your wall construction.
GDL Damp Proofing have been solving rising damp for over twenty years. Along with a keen eye for typical signs of damp we use the latest TRAMEX moisture meter to detect and accurately measure dampness. We can provide you with a FREE written report and quotation, we also do pre purchase inspections.
GDL Damp Proofing offer full or partial service, with  the installation of a new DAMP PROOF COURSE only, or the complete job with new render,set plaster and skirtings refitted ready to paint.
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